Tradition, nature and science in harmony

For those who are looking for more environmental consciousness in their daily life is the place where we share our vision for a healthier and natural lifestyle. We create 100% natural, organic certified cosmetics and we believe that the conscious limitation of synthetic substances in our lives is an essential choice on which our health depends.


The perfection of nature

We believe that nature, with all its perfection and diversity, provides almost everything needed for our well-being, health and good look.


No synthetic substances

We are convinced that the extensive use of synthetic substances in food, cosmetics and our entire daily lives is in serious conflict with the order of nature and the human body.


The power of science

We definitely believe in science and use the most innovative technologies to create the best, 100% natural, pure organic products for health and beauty.


Who are we

Ecomaat is a leading Bulgarian producer of organic certified products:

20 years of experience in the production of organic skincare have imposed principles that we do not compromise with. Thus, confident in every ingredient we put into our products, we create quality and purity that will enchant you.


Principles we follow

Highest quality in a closed production cycle

For products of the highest quality to reach you we control every stage of the production – from the plant raw material, through its processing, to the packaging.

We grow our own plantations with oil-bearing plants on over 50 hectares, cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture and the highest standards in the industry.


We work being ahead of the trends – with exceptional production know-how, most modern green technologies, cutting-edge equipment and the latest developments in the field of processing of plant raw materials.

In our cosmetics we use extremely pure ingredients, rich in active substances and aromas that cannot be obtained in any other way than with supercritical CO2 extraction – the most modern technology worldwide, which we at ECOMAAT apply.

No compromises

In order to offer you organic skincare products of the highest grade, we do not compromise with any aspect of production – from the quality of plants, to the packaging sustainability.

Top-level Organic certification – The products we produce are 100% natural and meet the strictest requirements of the organic regulations EU 834/2007, USDA NOP and COSMOS standards: high level of certification, permissible only for products that contain 100% organic certified ingredients.

Innovative technologies through which we manage to derive and involve in our products plant extracts, that are unique in their kind and composition and have no worldwide analogues – lilac, iris, linden.

We use ONLY high-class cosmetic and pharmaceutical glass to store our products. In our opinion, everything else is an insurmountable compromise,  at the expense of product quality.

Certifications and awards

Ekomaat is the first company in Bulgaria certified for organic production of oil-bearing rose, rose oil, essential oils, and cosmetic products. The company’s first certificate was issued in 2004, with LACON GmbH from Germany as the certifying body. The scope of the certificate includes agricultural activities, plant processing, and production of final products, and it complies with both EU regulations and the NOP USDA regulations of the USA. After Lacon GmbH left the Bulgarian market, Ekomaat maintained its organic certification for its activities, with COSMOCERT Greece and ETKO Turkey for the most popular standard for cosmetic products and cosmetic raw materials – COSMOS.

Certificate ISO 9001-20015 BG0033129 - EN2

ISSO 9001 certificate

The certificate guarantees the exceptional quality of Ecomaat products. It confirms that our organization has implemented a rigorous quality management system, ensuring consistency and reliability across all our offerings. With ISO 9001, you can trust in the superior quality of Ecomaat products.

ECOMAAT-ISSO22000 Scope of Supply2

ISSO 22000 certificate

This standard offers a unified approach to safeguarding food products and raw materials. By focusing on the maintenance and continual improvement of our management system, we uphold the highest standards of food safety throughout our production processes.

Cosmos Product

COSMOS organic & natural

The COSMOS signature is synonymous with organic and natural cosmetics you can rely on. It guarantees that our cosmetic products are crafted from the purest natural ingredients. Trust Ecomaat for skincare solutions that are as gentle on your skin as they are on the planet.

EU Organic Production

(EU) 848/2018

COSMOCERT certification guarantees that Ecomaat products meet stringent EU requirements for organic agriculture and the production of essential oils, extracts, floral waters, food supplements, flavourings, and beverages. You can be sure that every Ecomaat product is produced sustainably and responsibly.

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