Organic products for sensitive skin

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What to Include in a skincare routine for sensitive skin

Taking care of sensitive skin is a challenge. Choosing suitable cosmetics often involves numerous trials, errors, and a pile of unsuitable products that cause irritation, itching, redness, and additional issues.

Effective Hydration – the First Step in Skincare

Hydration is crucial in skin care, regardless of skin type, but it’s especially vital for sensitive ones. Dehydration can accelerate aging on one hand and cause additional irritations on the other.

Completely natural cosmetic products, based on essential oils and herbal extracts, penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, providing genuine deep hydration. Moreover, they can restore the protective skin barrier that keeps the moisture in.

  • Step 1: Cleansing – Wash the face with gentle, mild cleansers, free of aggressive ingredients that could disrupt the pH balance of your skin or cause irritation. If you use makeup daily, choose a natural makeup remover to cleanse the face.
  • Step 2: Floral waters or tonic – Hydrate and prepare the skin for active care with suitable floral, thermal water, or tonic for sensitive ones. You can also use it for additional hydration throughout the day, especially if you spend more time in spaces with dry air.
  • Step 3: Active Care – Sensitive skin requires rich, nourishing products that protect and relieve irritation, inflammation, or itching. Fluids, oils, and balms with Geranium, Iris, Linden, or Lilac oil are an excellent choice for intolerant, sensitive skin.

Why can organic products be a better choice

Cosmetics with 100% natural, organic-certified ingredients could be a better choice for sensitive skin when they are properly selected. Skincare products mainly consist of water, active ingredients, emulsifiers and fragrances. Cream formulations often comprise a mix of numerous synthetic ingredients that irritate sensitive skin or can create sensitivity after prolonged use.

The primary advantages of natural cosmetics are:

  1. Simplified Composition: Natural cosmetic products have a simple composition clean of synthetic ingredients. This minimizes the risk of skin reactions that some synthetic ingredients can cause.
  2. Organic ingredients are better absorbed by the skin and act effectively, penetrating deeper in the skin. Thus, they provide more effective hydration, delivering a variety of beneficial active ingredients that support cell regeneration and have a rejuvenating effect. 
  3. They do not contain harmful or even toxic substances that can harm the skin in the long run or make it more sensitive. 

Choose your Ecomaat skincare 

Ecomaat offers cosmetic solutions designed for the specific needs of sensitive skin. Completely pure formulas, rich in precious natural ingredients and herbs with excellent quality and effective action. It is backed by EU organic certificate – perfectly natural skincare that delivers enchanting results – healthy and radiant skin, free from irritations and redness*.

*Approved and confirmed by our customers, 96% of whom share that they see results after using Ecomaat products.