Discover the Vital Role of Beeswax in Cosmetics

Beeswax has been used topically on the skin since ancient times. It protects the skin from moisture loss, makes it softer, and smoother, and improves its texture. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, beeswax helps with burns and wounds.

Beeswax is a common ingredient in natural beauty products, including lip balms, face and body balms, sunscreens, and more. Gives a suitable texture to oil ointments, where it has the role of emulsifier and hardener. Even a small amount of beeswax gives the cream or balm a protective function.

Beeswax creates a fine layer on the skin that locks moisture into the skin. Hydrated skin looks younger, healthier, and more radiant. When the skin has all the necessary moisture, it becomes softer to the touch, with more volume, fine lines, and wrinkles that look less noticeable, it acquires a glow. The protective layer it forms on the skin simultaneously protects it from the adverse effects of the environment. Cold weather, aggressive cosmetic products, dirty air, and others can destroy the skin’s protective barrier and dehydrate it. By reinforcing this barrier, beeswax helps prevent the feeling of dryness and irritation.

How beeswax is formed

Beeswax is biosynthesized by glands in the stomach of honey bees, Apis mellifera, which metabolize monosaccharides from their food sources into the lipid components that make up the raw beeswax. This newly secreted beeswax is mixed by the worker bees with propolis, resins, oils, and pollen – collected from the surrounding vegetation. Bees use comb wax to store honey and protect the larvae in the hive.

Composition of beeswax

Beeswax is primarily composed of fatty acid esters and long-chain alcohols, which give it its moisturizing and thickening properties.

It also contains propolis, known for its strong antiseptic properties. It has a high content of vitamin A, which has an antioxidant effect – it helps the body to deal with free radicals.

Therapeutic benefits of beeswax in skin care:

Antiseptic effect: strengthens the skin by neutralizing microbes and inflammation.

Hydrating action: relieves the condition of dry skin by retaining moisture and forming a protective breathable layer.

Antioxidant action: protects against adverse external influences – wind, cold, dirty air.

Emollient action: softens and improves the texture of the skin and helps the formation of skin cells.

Restorative action: relieves irritations in skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne and eczema. It helps to regenerate the skin in case of burns, wounds and helps in erasing scars.

Ecomaat facial balms with beeswax

Natural and Deluxe face balms have 100% natural active ingredients, the effect of which you will notice quickly:

CO2 extracts from Bulgarian herbs: restore, moisturize and protect the skin and are an effective prevention against aging.

Beeswax: covers the surface layer of the skin with a light protective film, while allowing it to breathe. Retains moisture in the skin and protects against surface drying.

Lipid complex of vegetable oils – nourish and additionally hydrate and soften the skin.

Irris balm

Irris Balm with CO2 extract of Bulgarian wild Iris, rose hip fruits and Aloe Vera extract provides effective day and night anti-aging care for the skin of the face, décolleté and the delicate area around the eyes. Stimulates skin regeneration and slows down aging processes. It envelops the skin with a fine soothing layer that protects against drying and the harmful effects of the environment.

Maxima balm

Anti-aging Maxima balm with CO2 extract of Alba Rose is among the most preferable products by our customers. It contains CO2 extract of Rosa Alba and powerful active ingredients, the effect of which you will notice quickly. Retains moisture in the skin and protects against surface drying. Stimulates the skin regeneration process, and slows down the aging process. Prevents the appearance of pigmentation, thanks to the property of the aromatic molecules in the composition of Rosa Alba to normalize the production of melanin.

Pirina Balm

Pirina balm improves the condition of mixed and oily skin thanks to natural CO2 herbal extracts of mursal tea, linden, clary sage, and wild apple with a soothing, softening, and rejuvenating effect. It stimulates the skin’s natural power to regenerate and visibly helps to reduce its imperfections. Forms a thin layer with a natural sun protection factor.

Men can also use Pirina balm after shaving, it creates a feeling of softness. The skin will be refreshed, nourished, and protected.

The Natural and Deluxe face balms are especially suitable for keeping the skin looking fresh and healthy during the cold winter days. Learn more in the article:

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