Femina: Unlocking the Power of Anti-Age Skincare for Women

“I use Femina as an evening oil. I am 50 years old, but I really like my face. I feel great in my skin, and that is enough.”

We created the face and neck oil “Femina” with special attention and care for women. The name of the oil “Femina” (from French word “Femme” – woman) suggests its therapeutic effect for women. This is due to the active composition of essential oils – Rose, Lavender, and Vitex, dissolved in vegetable oils. The oil gently balances hormonal levels, creates a deeply relaxing sensation, restores, hydrates, and has an anti-age effect on the skin.

“Femina” is 100% natural, organic-certified oil suitable for face and body therapies, and you will notice the effect of its use quickly.

Effective prevention against skin aging: hydrates and smoothes it, prevents the formation of wrinkles, stretch marks, and couperose.

Heals, tones, and softens the skin: rose and lavender oils treat skin inflammations, stimulate collagen synthesis, contract the capillaries, and strengthen their walls.

Relieves stress, insomnia, and restlessness: the scent of lavender and rose has a relaxing effect and reduces the secretion of stress hormones.

Gently balances hormonal levels: thanks to the essential oil of vitex, the oil alleviates premenstrual syndrome and its accompanying issues – swelling, acne, breast tenderness, and mood swings.

What skin type is Femina face and neck oil suitable for?

The face and neck oil “Femina” is suitable for the following skin types:

Normal and combination skin: for daily care of the skin on the face, neck, and décolleté.

Dehydrated and delicate skin: it deeply restores and hydrates.

Mature skin: it protects against the appearance of new wrinkles, softens, and tones.

After the summer season: for hydration, rapid recovery, and evening out the complexion.

Effective muscle relaxant: for the delicate area around the eyes.

Active ingredients of “Femina,” providing effective anti-age care for women’s skin:

The formula of “Femina” includes easily absorbable ingredients of 100% natural origin, without artificial fragrances, synthetic additives, or preservatives. The essential oils of Rose, Lavender, and Vitex quickly pass through the cellular membranes, penetrate deep layers of the skin, and improve its structure and elasticity. They provide natural regeneration through the active action of the finest and gentlest natural ingredients. And all of this comes together with a sensual, authentic, and therapeutic aroma.

The exceptional qualities and high effectiveness of Femina oil are attributed to:

Essential oil of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena: It contains the most delicate but highly effective rose aroma, which stimulates skin regeneration processes and evens out the skin tone. It possesses pronounced antimicrobial and antioxidant activity. It harmonizes the hormonal balance in women.

Essential oil of Lavender: It stimulates skin blood circulation, accelerates regenerative processes, and heals skin inflammations. It reduces muscle tension and relaxes the nervous system. It stimulates the secretion of menstrual blood, restoring hormonal balance.

Essential oil of Vitex (Chaste tree): It has the property of balancing the hormonal levels, acting on premenstrual syndrome and its accompanying issues – swelling, acne, breast tenderness, and mood swings. This is due to the flavonoids, iridoids, and diterpenes in the composition of Vitex, which lower prolactin levels, stimulate progesterone secretion, and normalize the progesterone/estrogen balance in favor of progesterone.

A blend of base vegetable oils (lipids): Jojoba, Apricot, Wheat Germ, Avocado, Grape Seed, Olive. They support the skin’s natural protective barrier, strengthen, soften, and nourish it. They slow down the aging processes, such as premature wrinkle formation and pigmentation spots. They help combat the negative effects of air pollution. These oils are rich in vitamins A, E, F, unsaturated fatty acids, macro- and microelements, and more.

Aromatherapeutic effect of natural aromas

When inhaled, aromatic molecules are quickly absorbed by the skin cells – enhancing metabolic processes and increasing hydration. The aromatic combination of rose and lavender has a calming and relaxing effect, uplifting your mood.

How to apply Femina

“Femina” is 100% certified organic aromatherapy cosmetics suitable for both professional use in spa  and cosmetic centers and for home use as a massage and skin care product for the face and body.

“Femina” is ready for direct use and should be applied to the skin with gentle hand movements. It is ideal as a massage base oil and does not leave an unpleasant greasy layer after application.

When applying “Femina” to the face, it is recommended to apply floral water first. This further hydrates the skin and leaves a feeling of lightness and freshness. For mixed skin and skin with pimples, it is good to use Rose floral water, and for dry and sensitive skin – Lavender floral water.

When applying “Femina” to other areas of the body, you can use Rose floral water on them after applying the oil. Avoid showering for at least two hours after the procedure.

For skin aged 25+: it helps in the recovery from age-related acne, pimples, and hormonally-induced inflammations.

Lavender Floral Water - 1Lavender Floral Water - 2
Rose floral water - 1Rose floral water - 2

Therapeutic and harmonizing effect

Our expert from the Ecomaat Cosmetics Salon and Academy, Yordanka Krachmarova, recommends: if you suffer from severe PMS, water retention in tissues, breast pain, and acne – you can use “Femina” in the second phase of your menstrual cycle – from ovulation to menstruation. Apply it to the so-called hormonal zones – around the breasts, abdomen, inner part of the arms from the armpit to the elbow, the pelvic area, and the inner part of the thighs. Of course, in parallel, you can also use it for facial skin care.

Many women who have used “Femina” share that they see results after 1.5 – 2 months, such as normalized menstrual cycles, relief from PMS, breast pain, disappearance of acne, alleviation of cramps, harmonization of the flow, color, and quantity of menstrual blood.

Unlike synthetic hormonal products, the completely natural active ingredients in “Femina,” absorbed through the skin, gently and harmoniously influence the hormonal balance of women, according to the body’s individual needs, without any unwanted side effects.

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