How to apply fluids

To achieve even better results, apply the fluids with massage movements according to the scheme we offer.

Keep in mind that regular facial massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It tones the skin and reduces swelling. It accelerates regenerative processes and metabolism and counteracts aging.

Therefore, use the moment when you apply the fluids to relax and have fun, but also to do something even more useful for your skin, along with organic cosmetic care.

Let the fragrant organic ritual begin!


Moisturize cleansed skin with floral water or an aroma tonic to prepare it for fluid application. This will make the feeling even more pleasant and the hydration even more effective. Choose the right floral water for your skin.


Apply the fluid on the cleansed and moist skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Relax and massage with both hands at the same time with light, stroking movements, using light pressure on the skin, which should feel comfortable. Repeat the movements three times.

Movement 1

Stroke, starting from the ears, continue down the neck to the collarbone.

Movement 2

Continue with the stroking movements, this time starting from the middle of the forehead, continuing to the temple and ending at the collarbone.

Movement 3

Stroke along the line that starts at the inner corner of the eye and reaches the top of the ears. Continue sideways to the clavicle.

Movement 4

Stroke from the middle of the chin to the bottom of the ears and continue down to the collarbone.

Movement 5

Finish by stroking from the corner of the jaw to the clavicle and be sure to repeat the movements 3 times!

Apply your favorite fluid daily, using the gentle massage movements from the scheme. It will promote the effect of the fluid and your skin will enjoy greater refreshment and rejuvenation.