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LA VIE EN ROSE DROPS – beauty supplement


100% organic, bio-certified food supplement with bioactive substances from the blossoms of Rosa Damascena

La Vie en Rose – Drops is a beauty supplement that enhances skin condition. It maintains the beauty and youth of the skin and exhibits a gentle tonifying effect.

La Vie en Rose – Drops is a product of outstanding quality and effectiveness – it contains a unique combination of active ingredients from the flowers – and containing the scent – of the Bulgarian rose oil (Rosa Damascena) in the form of a CO2 extract which preserves the valuable properties of the substances “alive”.

Packaging: 30 ml biophotonic glass bottle with integrated dropper
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The relaxing fragrace of the Bulgarian rose raises the resistance to stress and has a beneficial effect on sleep. it counteracts any premature aging of the organism.

It has been known for centuries that the products, made out of the Bulgarian rose clear up the complexion. The La Vie en Rose drops contain particles of the perfect blossoms that underline this cosmetic effect.

It slows down the aging process and improves the condition of the skin. It maintains its beauty and youth. It has a soft, tonifying effect. The relaxing aroma of Bulgarian rose increases the resistance to nervous tension and has a beneficial effect on sleep, but also removes muscle tension and has anti-inflammatory action. It accelerates the breakdown of fat and stimulates microcirculation. Rose oil harmonizes the hormonal background, especially of women. Stimulates cell regeneration, rejuvenates and hydrates.

In addition to the qualities of rose oil, it has pronounced antioxidant activity and La Vie en Rose drops are exceptional prevention and therapy against premature aging.

Dosage and method of use:

Add 15 drops La Vie en Rose to every 100 ml of water, tea, juice, milk, coffee, or other beverage.

Add 30 – 45 drops to 500 ml of mineral water.

5 – 8 drops added to coffee, tea, juice enhance the smell and soften the taste of the beverage.

It can be consumed throughout the day without restrictions.

Side effects: Not observed.

100% natural, bio-certified innovative products

All products of Ecomaat contain only 100% natural and 100% organic certified ingredients and comply with the ISO 16128-1:2018 standard.

LA VIE EN ROSE drops are supplement, made entirely from rose extracts and contain:

rose CO2 extract* (Rosa Damascena flower extract), rose oil* (Rosa Damascena flower oil), rose floral water* (Rosa Damascena floral water)

*organic certified

Rose oil (rosa damascena essential oil) – has local antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, bacteriostatic, bactericidal, antispasmodic and antioxidant properties. It owns pronounced anti-inflammatory, regenerative, lipotropic (accelerates the breakdown of fat), antiallergic, analgesic, laxative, neuroprotective and anti-stress actions, removes muscle tension, stimulates microcirculation. Rose essential oil harmonizes women’s hormonal background. Stimulates cell regeneration, rejuvenates and hydrates. Improves skin turgor and elasticity. Exceptional prevention and therapy against premature aging. Stimulates cell regeneration, rejuvenates and hydrates. Exceptional prevention and therapy against premature aging.

Rosa Damascena supercritical CO2 extract – In addition to the qualities of rose oil, the extract of Bulgarian oil-bearing rose also has pronounced antimicrobial and antioxidant activity. Softens and soothes the skin and moisturizes it.

DO NOT CONTAIN: Synthetic substances, substances of animal origin.

Sustainability and care in every detail

WHAT THE PACKAGE CONTAINS – 1 bottle of 30 ml with integrated dropper

All products of LA VIE EN ROSE collection are packed in an exclusive biophotonic glass packaging. Its unique properties filter different light frequencies from direct sunlight to both protect and revitalize natural products, drastically extending their shelf life without use of harmful synthetic preservatives.


Only high-quality glass packaging does not interact with the product, which is extremely important for bio-certified supplements and cosmetics that do not use preservatives.


All the materials we choose for the production of packaging are well selected. We use only recycled paper produced from rapidly recovering species. We protect Nature without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

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2 reviews for LA VIE EN ROSE DROPS – beauty supplement

  1. elina.borisova6 (verified owner)

    I tried them regularly at night before bed and I can definitely say that I surely sleep better with their help. Also in the morning one wakes up with fresh breath with a slight rose scent 🙂 They give me a positive feeling even just by drinking and enjoing the scent!

  2. etta1 (verified owner)

    This is the Ecomaat product that I have ordered the most. I have been taking the drops for more than 1 year and have them always with me.
    They smell very nice and fresh, they tone and help you see the world and your day in a much more pleasant light. They give mood and desire to communicate with people. In my opinion, they also work well on the face and also beautify, rejuvenate. I recommend.

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