Sun Protection and Hydration: The Key to Your Best Summer Skin Care

The most essential part of skin care in summer is sun protection combined with effective hydration – the most important condition for a fresh and healthy look all year round! In hot summer days, especially when we expose the skin intensively to the sun on the beach or in the mountains, we put it in more unusual and even extreme conditions that require special attention and care.

Hydration and more hydration. Why do 100% natural products work more effectively?

If you already use 100% natural, high-quality cosmetics, you probably know that the way it hydrates your skin is different and extremely effective. When the skin gets used to such care, it is already easy to feel when a product works and if it hydrates at all.

Most conventional products and especially creams act superficially. They form a film on the skin that replaces the effect of the hydro-lipid mantle to prevent water loss. In this way, a false feeling of comfort and hydration is created, which is not due to the improvement of the natural functions of the skin, but is a result of the product itself. In fact, the hydro-lipid barrier is part of the protective function of the skin of our entire body and it does not feel like a layer.

With oil-type products, the situation is different, especially when they are made with pure and natural ingredients. Not only do they not replace the lipid barrier, but they build and nourish it, thus supporting the water retention mechanisms in it. In this way, they preserve the natural physiological functions of the skin and protect against dehydration and premature aging. This is truly effective hydration! And when we apply floral water under the oil product, we add and retain the water in the skin.

Top Bio cosmetic products for fresh and beautiful skin in summer

In parallel with active hydration in the summer, it is very important to think about adequate prevention during sunny days. We have made a short selection of the most suitable products from our catalog suitable for summer care and skin protection:

The fluid is suitable for dry and dehydrated skin and has a pronounced anti-aging effect thanks to the active antioxidant complex with beta carotenes and vitamin E in its formula. Stimulates collagen synthesis, restores elasticity, and smoothes wrinkles. It protects the skin from the harmful influence of free radicals and has natural UV protection.

Zdravetz oil is a comparatively solid oil, at a temperature below 40 degrees it is practically not liquid – due to the content of waxes in it. The protective effect against UV rays is due to them.

The exceptional qualities and high efficiency of the fluid are due to the contained ingredients of the highest quality, respectively:

Zdravetz CO2 extract – contains azulene – an active ingredient with a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and soothing effect. Another very important ingredient is the germacrone terpene, thanks to which the oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It acts as an antioxidant and improves cell regeneration.

CO2 extract of Rosehip fruits– a natural source of beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. A strong antioxidant, helps to remove pigment spots, and stimulates the renewal of capillaries.

CO2 extract of blue juniper berries – has many active ingredients that have a protective effect and slow down the aging process. Moisturizes and smoothes the skin, improves elasticity by activating collagen formation processes in the connective tissue.

Zdravetz Face Fluid - 1Zdravetz Face Fluid - 2

The oil is our most summer product for comprehensive skin care of the face and body. With pronounced protective and regenerating properties again thanks to the oil of zdravetz, juniper, plus CO2 calendula extract, which also adds epithelializing and additional protective properties.

Ensures tissue regeneration and stimulates collagen production. A wonderful toning care for dehydrated skin. “Summer” is also an excellent care for the skin of the body, as, in addition to its regenerating properties, it protects the skin from the formation of cellulite.

The above-mentioned properties of Zdravetz oil make the product suitable for day and night care in the summer, as unlike the fluid, the oil is more suitable for oily and combination skin. In addition, Zdravetz essential oil has a good whitening and cleansing effect on the skin, prevents the appearance of comedones and removes pigment spots.

Ecomaat’s floral waters are the fastest and most effective products for skin hydration, which you can use throughout the day. Our floral waters do not contain alcohol or other preservatives, like many massive products, which, in addition to not hydrating properties, can dry out the skin. Ecomaat waters are quite concentrated and what preserves them is the greater amount of essential oil they contain. This is also due to their lovely aromas and effective therapeutic properties.

Chamomile Floral Water - 1Chamomile Floral Water - 2
Clary Sage Floral Water - 1Clary Sage Floral Water - 2
Lavender Floral Water - 1Lavender Floral Water - 2
Melisa Floral Water - 1Melisa Floral Water - 2
Rose floral water - 1Rose floral water - 2
Zdravetz Floral Water - 1Zdravetz Floral Water - 2

Basic steps in summer skin care

1. Daily care – active hydration and protection

Apply the products in the morning and evening, along with Zdravetz floral water, with which you have previously moistened the skin of the face, neck, and décolletage. You can use it for day and night care.

2. Sun protection

The UV protection of Zdravetz oil products is roughly equivalent to SPF 15, which means that if you are exposed to the sun for a long time or are at the beach/in the mountains you should reapply at least every hour to ensure adequate protection or choose a conventional product with a strong Protection.

3. In case of sunburn

If you have allowed yourself to sunburn again, you can include these three products to help by applying them in a thicker layer to the affected areas, along with floral water.

SUMMER face and body oil is most suitable in this case because of its calendula extract. In addition, the oil is in a 50 ml glass vial, intended for face and body application, which means you will have enough of the product if you need to apply it to larger areas.

In case you have any questions about the products and how to use them – we will be happy to answer at  or on our FB page.

Author: Yordanka Kruchmarova