Zdravetz Fluid – active hydration and anti-ageing skin care

Quite understandably, Fluid Zdravetz is among the most purchased cosmetic products in Ecomaat.eu shop. “Favorite, necessary, mandatory” – this is briefly shared by users who give positive feedback about the fluid in almost 100% of cases. A completely natural, absolutely pure, and precisely designed cocktail of active ingredients that effectively hydrate, regenerate and slow down the aging process. An organic cosmetic formula, suitable even for the most intolerant skin, the use of which will literally enchant you.

Fluid Zdravetz has an oily consistency and owes its effective action to 100% natural, bio-certified CO2 extracts of geranium, rosehip, and blue juniper, dissolved in organic vegetable oils with hydrating and protective anti-aging properties. Thanks to its completely natural composition, it quickly penetrates the skin and hydrates, softens, and protects it.

Fluid Zdravetz is a bio complex that stimulates collagen synthesis, restores elasticity, and smoothes wrinkles. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and has natural UV protection (equivalent to SPF 15). That is why it is also among our TOP cosmetic products for the summer, suitable for both women and men.

What are the benefits of using Zdravetz fluid:

Protects the skin from the action of free radicals with a rich antioxidant complex.

Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Restores skin elasticity and tightens loose contours.

Protects from the sun with a natural UV filter equal to SPF15 and supports the even accumulation of pigment.

It charges the cells with energy and activates the skin’s anti-stress potential.

For what type of skin is Fluid Zdravetz suitable and how to use it

  • Daily day and evening skincare for the face, eye contour, neck, and décolletе.
  • For the sensitive area around the eyes.
  • Sagging skin that needs recovery and anti-aging care.
  • Skin with freckles and spots, prone to pigmentation.
  • Appropriate care for men’s skin.
  • Active ingredients of Fluid Zdravetz – a powerful antioxidant complex that rejuvenates and transforms

Fluid Zdravetz has 100% natural ingredients that are easily absorbed by the skin. The CO2 extracts in the fluid content have highly concentrated active substances, thanks to the supercritical extraction technology. This is the most gentle, innovative method of extracting useful ingredients from plants – without traces of chemical agents, the finest aromatic molecules, carriers of the priceless medicinal substances from plants, are extracted. CO2 extraction guarantees the exceptional quality and purity of the product, as well as a completely authentic and pure aroma.

The exceptional qualities and high efficiency of the fluid are due to:

CO2 extract Zdravetz – thanks to the active ingredients azulene and germacrone, it has a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and soothing effect. Stimulates skin regeneration and protects it. It has a natural UV factor and slows down the accumulation of melanin in the skin, soothes and hydrates it. Zdravetz extract has a good whitening and cleansing effect on the skin.

CO2 extract of Rosehip fruits – a natural source of beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. A strong antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals from the environment. Helps remove pigment spots, and stimulates capillary renewal.

CO2 extract of blue juniper fruits – has many active ingredients, among which are pinenes with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. They help protect the skin and slow down the aging process. Juniper extract increases metabolic processes in the skin. Hydrates and softens the skin, creates a protective layer, and protects it. Improves elasticity by activating collagen formation processes in the connective tissue.

A lipid complex of vegetable oils from argan and jojoba – hydrate and nourish the skin. Argan oil is a powerful antioxidant with pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. Jojoba oil contains fast-absorbing plant waxes that moisturize and soften the skin.

How to apply the fluid

Use it in the morning and at night. Shake the bottle well and then spray one, two to three pumps of Zdravetz fluid on the palms and apply to pre-moistened skin.

Step 1: We recommend using Zdravetz floral water or Linden thermal water immediately before using the oil-like fluid to help it work. Thus, you provide even better and more effective hydration for your skin. Floral or thermal water softens the feel of the oil, and the moisture on the surface of the skin will last longer.

Step 2: Apply Zdravetz fluid, with gentle massaging movements to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In the article >> Learn how to apply the fluids >>

Evening care

When you use the fluid in the evening, the active action of the ingredients is enhanced because at night the skin cells regenerate. Apply a thicker layer of the fluid in the evening before going to bed and you will achieve remarkable results.

Zdravetz Face Fluid - 1Zdravetz Face Fluid - 2
Zdravetz Floral Water - 1Zdravetz Floral Water - 2

What our customers share

For the curious

The Bulgarian name of Zdravetz does not accidentally include the word “Health”. It has been included in traditional herbal medicine since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral and relaxing properties.

Common geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) is a perennial plant from the Geraniaceae family. It is widespread in Southern and Eastern Europe. A fragrant bunch of Zdravetz tied with a red thread is present in folklore and religious customs for health and longevity.

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