Clary Sage Essential Oil: Aromatherapeutic Benefits and Advantages

The plant belongs to the Salvia genus and grows throughout the Mediterranean, some regions of North Africa, and Central Asia. Common Sage or garden sage (Salvia officinalis) and Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) belong to the same family, but they differ in appearance and active properties. The leaves of garden sage are large, and rounded, with a rough texture and fine hairs, while the leaves of Clary Sage are elongated and smaller than those of Garden Sage, yet they also have a fibrous texture. Common garden sage has become widely used in culinary applications, whereas Clary Sage is more commonly utilized in the form of essential oil.

Discover how you can incorporate Clary Sage essential oil into your aromatherapy practice.

Clary Sage essential oil (Salvia sclarea) has been used since the Middle Ages for its relaxing and calming properties, as well as for skin rejuvenation. The name “salvia” derives from the Latin word “salvare,” meaning “to save,” hinting at the numerous therapeutic benefits of the herb.

It is believed that Sage is one of the sacred plants. According to legend, when Mary and Joseph were fleeing from King Herod’s soldiers, they hid the newborn Jesus among the growing sage by the roadside. The plant was illuminated by Divine light, thus acquiring its healing properties.

In ancient Greece, they flavored wine with sage leaves to make it more intoxicating. In ancient Rome, it was used as a universal remedy. In England, it was considered the most effective remedy for cleansing the eyes and improving vision, which is why it was called Clary Sage – “clear eye.

The Effects of Clary Sage Essential Oil:

Soothes: reduces blood pressure, relaxes during nervous and mental tension and stress, relieves and warms.

Elevates mood: acts mildly euphoric, which may affect concentration. Enhances creative activity.

Relaxes muscles: especially in cases of muscle spasms due to mental or emotional tension. Alleviates menstrual cramps.

Heals inflammations: possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-edema effects.

Regulates perspiration: has pronounced deodorizing properties, suitable against sweating. Normalizes excessive sweating.

Balances sebaceous glands: contributes to skin regeneration and maintaining its youthful appearance, improves conditions of acne, eczema, wrinkles.

Strengthens hair: reinforces hair structure and its shine, helps with dandruff.

Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin: softens, tones, and refreshes through its regenerative action. Regulates sebum secretion and tightens pores.

Normalizes menstrual cycle: thanks to contained phytoestrogens, it naturally balances hormonal levels. Eases PMS and menopausal symptoms.

100% Natural Composition

It is derived through steam distillation of the stems and flowers of Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea). This 100% organic certified oil complies with the ISO 16128-1:2018 standard.

Aromatic molecules: Linalyl acetate, Linalool, Germacrene D.

Linalyl acetate is an ester. Esters form from the reaction of acids and alcohols and have the most pronounced balancing effect of all chemical components in essential oils. They relax and soothe, possessing antispasmodic and antimicrobial properties.

Linalool is a plant terpene alcohol that naturally holds antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Germacrenes are a class of volatile sesquiterpenes with antimicrobial, insecticidal, and soothing properties.

Application of Clary Sage Oil

Aroma lamp/aroma diffuser: 7-8 drops for a 15-20 sq.m. area.

Aromawands: 6-10 drops dissolved in 1 tbsp of honey, milk, or sea salt.

Sitz baths: for women’s health issues.

Foot baths: Clary Sage oil regulates perspiration and has deodorizing properties: 4 drops dissolved in a container of warm water.

Massage/self-massage: 4 drops in 10 ml carrier oil. Massage the lower abdomen to alleviate discomfort and spasms during the menstrual cycle.

Cosmetic application: nourishes normal and aging skin, has anti-dandruff action, and strengthens hair. Cosmetic use involves regulating and normalizing sebum, and improving conditions of acne, eczema, and wrinkles.

Compresses: 4-6 drops in 200 ml hot water, improves conditions of arthritis.

Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy, lactation, after abortion, high blood pressure, or for epileptics. Do not use 2 hours before breastfeeding. Do not use Clary Sage essential oil concurrently with alcohol consumption!

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Aroma Blends

The aroma of Clary Sage is potent, fresh, nutty-herbaceous with amber notes. It is applied in men’s perfumes and colognes as a spicy note. It blends well with lavender, chamomile, marjoram, lemon balm, rose, pine, rosemary, and citrus oils.

Products with Clary Sage Extract

We include Clary Sage Extract into Clary Sage floral water, which is suitable for anti-aging care for  mature skin.

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