How to deal with pigmentation, spots and dehydrated skin after summer

After the happy summer days of sea, sun and bronze tan comes the moment of truth that almost all of us face. Severely dehydrated skin, pigmentations and blemishes are the price we often pay for a few weeks of golden tan. Nothing new under the sun, as they say, it’s just time again to take extra care of our skin to enjoy its youth and freshness for as long as possible.

True to ourselves, we will not fail to remind you again, and even instruct you, what actions to take at this important moment, when the skin literally screams for additional care. That’s why we offer you an intensive regeneration program, with the help of which you can achieve excellent results and a quick visible effect at home – without needles, without pain and expensive procedures. Only with 100% natural, 100% organic cosmetic products and lovely, therapeutic aromas that, in addition to working effectively for our beauty, have a complex and beneficial effect on the entire organism.

Program for intensive skin regeneration after summer with 100% organic cosmetics

To start your intensive program for deep hydration and regeneration of the skin, we start with more active products, with a pronounced therapeutic character and containing essential oils. Such are the aroma compositions from our professional series – a fascinating combination of essential oils dissolved in vegetable lipids, which very quickly penetrate the skin and affect cell regeneration. Exactly what the skin needs at this moment – quick and effective renewal.

The program lasts a maximum of 2-3 weeks and includes:

STEP 1: For daily care, use Summer face and body oil in combination with Zdravetz floral water.

Summer oil activates tissue regeneration, stimulates the production of collagen, the skin is restored, and the epithelium is strengthened. A wonderful toning care for dehydrated skin. It restores the skin’s natural defenses, has a detoxifying and purifying effect on the skin.

STEP 2: Evening care – face and neck oil Maat aroma composition in combination with Rose floral water.

Maat oil is a prevention against aging of the skin. It has strong regenerating properties, stimulates the growth of new cells, balances subcutaneous fat. Rose and lavender oils tone and soften and have a therapeutic effect on stress, insomnia and anxiety.

In case you haven’t tried the aroma compositions yet, you can replace the day care with a fluid – geranium or rose, and entrust the night care to an aroma composition.

STEP 3: Intensive hydration and regeneration with a nourishing or whitening mask. Choose the right one according to the needs of your skin – lightening if your skin has spots and pigmentation or nourishing if it is dehydrated but with an even complexion. You will find the recipes and detailed descriptions of the masks in the articles:

Homemade masks I – nourishment for dry and loose skin >

Homemade masks III – lightening of pigmentation and uneven skin tone >

Additional information about how the products work can be found on their pages:

Keep the excellent result and take long-term care of your skin

After the intensive course, it is good to continue for a longer period with the home care products – the fluids. Zdravetz fluid is suitable for daytime care, again in combination with Zdravetz floral water, and for evening care with Rose fluid in combination with Rose floral water or Life with Roses aroma tonic.

If your skin is dehydrated during the other seasons as well, you can also include Maxima balm as day and evening care in combination with La Vie en Rose aroma tonic.

Zdravetz Floral Water - 1Zdravetz Floral Water - 2
Rosa Face Fluid - 1Rosa Face Fluid - 2
Zdravetz Face Fluid - 1Zdravetz Face Fluid - 2

Remember to Nurture Your Inner Beauty

Drink enough water – every day, because it is needed for internal hydration and for all cellular processes. And to turn drinking water into a pleasant ritual, add La Vie en Rose Drops to it. They will add rose taste of the water and make your day calmer and happier.

La Vie en Rose Drops - 1 — Ecomaat.euLa Vie en Rose Drops - 2

In case you have any questions about the products and how to use them – we will be happy to answer at or on our FB page.

The program and recipes were prepared by our cosmetic expert Yordanka Kruchmarova.