The importance of plant base oils

Vegetable oils are extracted from nuts such as almond, argan, apricot, olive pits, wheat germ, grape seeds, etc. by pressing. Their therapeutic benefits have been documented in medicine since ancient times. Plant lipids are an ideal base for safely and effectively dissolving essential oils, which is why they are also known as carrier oils.

Vegetable oils support the natural protective barrier of the skin, soften, nourish, and enrich it with useful substances thanks to their valuable ingredients. Oils with antioxidant action slow down aging processes, such as the premature formation of wrinkles and age spots. They help combat the negative effects of air pollution. They are rich in vitamins A, E, F, macro- and microelements, etc.

Being close to the body’s natural fats, vegetable oils are easily absorbed by the skin and support its natural functions, replenishing lipid content and preventing moisture loss. They contribute to softer, firmer, and healthier skin with a fresh complexion.

Choose only organic oils

Whenever possible, buy organic, cold-pressed oils from certified producers you can trust. Look for oils that are 100% pure and free of additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors. Avoid synthetic, silicone and mineral oils and petroleum jelly. In contrast, the chemical composition of natural vegetable oils is similar to the lipids of human skin. They are absorbed into the hydrolipid layer of the skin, where they can be metabolized by the body.

Popular vegetable oils

In the article << Treasures Hidden in Plants >> you will find a list of popular base oils used as essential oil carriers for aromatherapy, massage, and skin care.

Mixing base oils with essential oils

Carrier oils make it possible to use essential oils safely. They allow fragrance oils to be absorbed more slowly through the skin. Unlike the molecules of essential oils, which are small and quickly absorbed, the molecules of vegetable oils are larger and stay longer in the surface layer of the skin. Thus, the therapeutic properties of essential oils work for a longer time on the skin, as well as those of base oils. Correctly selected, base and essential oils act synergistically and their beneficial effects are mutually enhanced. At the same time, diluted in a base oil, essential oils can be applied to a larger area of the skin and in combination are very suitable for massage.

When diluting essential oils with a carrier, it is important to follow the dilution directions on the product. A 0.5 to 1 percent solution is recommended for children, pregnant women, and the elderly, as well as for people with fragile health.

Ready-made oil blends of essential and base oils

SPA MAAT luxury aromatherapy line

SPA MAAT oils for face and body  -contain carefully selected, in-house produced 100% organic essential oils and extracts, dissolved in a rich lipid complex, including Jojoba oil, Apricot oil, Wheat germ oil, Avocado, Grape seed oil, Olive oil, and others.

They are suitable for massage and have a strong therapeutic effect and natural aromas that turn every procedure into a refined and relaxing skin care:

They soften, moisturize, and smooth the surface of the skin.
They affect the intercellular layers and restore the functions of the skin barrier.
They stimulate metabolic processes in tissues, improving blood circulation and immunity.
They have a positive effect on lymphatic drainage and peripheral vessels.

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Massage oils for babies and expectant mothers

Massage oil for pregnant women Dodo Amarna

Dodo Amarna massage oil with CO2 juniper extract, mandarin and grapefruit essential oils dissolved in a rich plant lipid complex is created for the delicate skin during pregnancy. Includes vegetable oils from: Jojoba, Apricot, Avocado, Argan, Cocoa, Sesame oil, Rice oil, Palm oil, Cranberry, which together with essential oils and extracts:

  • They help protect the skin from drying and cracking, regenerate and hydrate it.
  • Relieves discomfort and restores problem areas of the skin.
  • Prevents the appearance of stretch marks, improves skin elasticity.
  • They provide healthy and effective 100% natural care for mother and baby.

Baby massage oils

Dodo Chamomile and Dodo Rose massage oils are 100% natural, bio-certified CO2 plant extracts from Bulgarian herbs, dissolved in Argan and Jojoba plant oils. They gently protect, soothe and moisturize sensitive baby skin, suitable for a relaxing massage. They form a fine protective layer that supports the preservation of the natural hydrolipidic layer of the baby’s skin.

Dodo Chamomile – baby massage oil with CO2 extract of chamomile, calendula and lavender.
Dodo Rose – baby massage oil with CO2 extract of Damascena rose and rose hips.

Rhodopa body oil with firming and anti-cellulite effect

Rhodopa body oil hydrates and tightens the skin and is an effective anti-cellulite agent. The active ingredients – CO2 extract from red juniper, essential oils from Grapefruit and Rose Damascena, dissolved in a lipid complex of vegetable oils from jojoba, apricot, cranberry, strengthen the processes of lymph flow and support the removal of waste substances, soften and rejuvenate the skin.

The oil is absorbed quickly and easily, as:

Activates microcirculation and improves metabolism.
Tightens the skin and helps reduce cellulite.
Hydrates and improves the elasticity of the skin of the body.

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