Natural & Deluxe – 100% organic luxury for your skin

Natural & Deluxe is our luxury line of organic cosmetics for use at home. Although “organic” and “luxury” sound somewhat like an oxymoron (when it comes to cosmetics), we can affirm, very responsibly, that we create exceptional and rare organic products in their composition and effectiveness. Because quality and purity, even in products with all-natural ingredients, can now be considered a luxury.

The product line contains the active ingredients of the most valuable and pure extracts from various Bulgarian plant species – grown wild or in our gardens, according to the highest standards of organic-certified agriculture. We use the most modern and innovative technologies that ensure the incomparable qualities and purity of the Natural & Deluxe line.

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What makes the products of the Natural & Deluxe line unique - briefly

1. 100% natural organic certified cosmetic products

The products contain 100% organic ingredients, produced through organic certified agriculture, according to the strictest requirements and standards of the USDA.

Did you know that not every product labeled “BIO / Organic” is actually organic? Don’t fall victim to “Organic” marketing, but learn more about the types of “BIO” certifications, because not every BIO label guarantees natural beneficial ingredients. In most cases, this means that the product contains “some” BIO ingredient, the amount and effect of which may be quite insignificant.

All ECOMAAT products bear the USDA Organic label – this is the highest level of certification, admissible only for products in which 100% of the ingredients are organically certified.

2. Rich in active plant ingredients, thanks to CO2 extracts

The active ingredients of the products in the Natural & Deluxe line are CO2 extracts – this ensures unparalleled purity, without a trace of solvent chemical components.

3. Stored ONLY in pharmaceutical grade glass

Active organic ingredients, without preservatives, retain their qualities and purity only when stored in dark pharmaceutical glass. There is no room for compromise here.

100% organic ingredients produced by ultra-modern technology

Exceptional in its composition and effectiveness

The active ingredients of all fluids, balms and thermal waters of the Natural & Deluxe series are CO2 extracts produced with the most innovative, green technology – supercritical extraction. Absolutely pure, without traces of organic solvents, heavy metals and pesticides, they have a unique profile. They contain terpenes, flavanoids, tocopherols, fatty acids, steroids, which guarantee the excellent properties of the products:

  • antioxidant,
  • hypoallergenic,
  • immunostimulants,
  • anti-inflammatory

Absolutely pure, authentic fragrances

Another characteristic feature of the products of the Natural & Deluxe line are the aromas to which you will become addicted – authentic and unadulterated aromas of rose, lilac, geranium, iris, linden. Supercritical CO2 extraction allows us to capture the finest aromatic molecules, inaccessible to other technologies. They enter our body applied to the skin and inhaled. In this way, they have a beneficial effect not only on beauty, but also on mood, memory, and hormonal balance.

The habit of using all-natural products, without synthetic fragrances and ingredients, will develop a sensibility that you did not suspect. You will discover the joy of life and a sense of luxury that only authentic, natural ingredients can give you. We can say from experience that this is something you can easily get addicted to. People who use completely natural cosmetics for a long time rarely change this aspect of their lifestyle.

Glass packaging that preserves the quality and purity of the products

All products of the series are stored in bottles and jars of almost black glass, completely blocking the spectrum of visible light and passing only a part of UV-A and infrared rays. In this way, we can guarantee maximum protection of the active ingredients and the freshness of the cosmetic products of the series.

We offer you 100% organic cosmetic products that will provide the necessary effectiveness in caring for the health, beauty and youth of your skin, without burdening your body with unnecessary, synthetic substances.

The products of the Natural & Deluxe series

Face balms

Maxima, Irris and Pirina balms provide intensive hydration and protection of the skin. They have a lipid-enriched texture, forming a fine protective layer that protects them from drying out and from the harmful effects of the environment. CO2 extracts from Bulgarian herbs with soothing, antioxidant, nourishing and moisturizing effects guarantee healthy, radiant and protected skin at all times.

Facial fluids

Facial fluids are all-natural CO2 extracts of herbs and flowers dissolved in a rich complex of vegetable oils. They have an authentic and fresh natural aroma of Zdravets, Rose or Lilac and a rich complex of active ingredients. An effective organic solution for daily skin care.

Aftershave fluids

Aftershave fluids V+A and Z+D have captivating completely natural aromas and effective action. Luxury organic care – soothes and refreshes men’s skin after shaving, keeping it hydrated hours after applying the fluid. Contains a complex of essential oils and supercritical (CO2) plant and herbal extracts.

Thermal waters

Linden and Irris thermal waters have a rich and absolutely authentic scent thanks to the CO2 extraction technology, which captures even the finest aromatic molecules. They contain a complex of biologically active substances with anti-inflammatory, hydrating and toning effects. A synergistic skincare action is obtained when combining the active CO2 extracts and the mineralization provided by the thermal water itself.

Rhodopa firming body oil

Rhodopa body oil is an effective anti-cellulite product. Hydrates and tightens the skin of the body by improving microcirculation and metabolism. The active, completely organic ingredients with CO2 extract of juniper enhance the processes of lymphatic drainage and support the removal of waste substances.

Antiqe bio pulse perfume

Bio pulse perfume Antique has the finest aromatic molecules of Rosa Alba. Its 100% natural ingredients and molecules quickly enter the bloodstream through the skin and are efficiently absorbed. Thus, they help balance the functioning of the internal organs, as well as the psycho-emotional state. Applying perfume to the pulse points (behind the ears, wrists, elbow crease, neck, etc.) increases the intensity of the aroma. The warmth and pulsation in these areas allow the aromatic notes to unfold in their full charm.

In case you have any questions about the products and how to use them – we will be happy to answer at or on our FB page.