Healthy and beautiful skin in winter – how to deal with the challenge?

Advice from the experts of Ecomaat Academy

Fresh and healthy-looking skin is a real challenge during the cold winter days. The aggressive impact of external factors such as cold, wind, and sudden temperature changes with the transition to warm and dry rooms, creates extreme discomfort and problems for the skin. As a result, the skin reacts with irritations, microtraumas, vascular problems (as a result of which she often develops rosacea), an unpleasant feeling of dryness, tightness, itching, and peeling.

As a natural protective mechanism, the moisture in the surface layer drops drastically – by up to 60%, which leads to damage to the hydro-lipid barrier as well. This reduces barrier functions and the result is extremely tired-looking and feeling skin that needs HELP!

That’s why we asked our expert Dani, who manages Ecomat Academy and has almost 20 years of experience in cosmetic skin care. We offer you expert advice and a selection of products especially suitable for challenging winter conditions:

Don’t forget the most important thing – hydration above all!

Regardless of the season, the most important skin care remains EFFECTIVE HYDRATION! Do not forget – there is nothing more important than this very function of cosmetics. A huge number of cosmetic products provide only a superficial sensation of hydration and practically do not hydrate the skin. We have dedicated ourselves to creating completely organic products, believing that in doing so we are solving this problem.

The choice of a cosmetic product is always strictly individual. Our suggestions are based on many years of experience and observations of different skin types and the way they react to our products.

Care for the most delicate and sensitive skin

For all of you who often face the above-described skin problems in winter, we offer – Irris Balm, for intensive nourishment and softening.

The lipid-enriched texture of the balm envelops the skin in a fine soothing layer that protects against drying and the harmful effects of the environment. Already with the first application of the balm, the discomfort from excessive drying decreases. CO2 extracts of iris, rosehip and aloe extract ensure the powerful anti-inflammatory action of the balm, protect against moisture and fat loss, improve elasticity and increase turgor. Balsam Irris has a sufficiently rich texture suitable for protecting the most delicate and sensitive skin of winter sports enthusiasts.

Daily care with Irris Balm intensively nourishes, moisturizes and softens the surface layers of dry and sensitive skin. It affects aging processes, restores elasticity and tone.

Irris Nourishing Balm - 1Irris Nourishing Balm - 2 —

Anti-aging care for normal skin

In case your skin is not so sensitive and still copes relatively well with the challenges of winter – we offer Maxima Balm. It hydrates intensively and provides anti-aging prevention.

Again, a lipid-rich texture that protects the skin from superficial drying, provides excellent hydration, tones, and restores shine. Even with the first application of the balm, the turgor increases, and with it the protective properties of the skin, and the elasticity are restored.

CO2 extracts: from rose alba, rosa damascena, and aloe extract soothe and nourish the skin, increase hydration, and enhance cell renewal. The aromatic molecules in the composition of the alba rose normalize the production of melanin, which makes Maxima balm also suitable for the prevention of the skin of mountain trekking lovers, where they need stronger protection.

Daily care with Balsam Maxima stimulates cell regeneration, slows down aging processes, hydrates and softens the skin.

Maxima Hydrating Balm - 1Maxima Hydrating Balm - 2

Winter care for combination skin

When the skin is more of a mixed type and has a tendency to get oily, we offer – Pirina balm for toning and maintaining the hydration of the skin.

The rich texture of vegetable oils gently envelops the skin without weighing it down and creating a feeling of an oily layer. Protects against excessive water loss, improves elasticity and softness of the skin.

CO2 extracts from mursal tea, salvia sclarea, wild apple and linden have a pronounced antioxidant effect, normalize fat secretion and rejuvenate.

Daily care with Pirina balm stimulates the natural forces of the skin to regenerate, soothe, soften and revive it.

Irris Nourishing Balm - 1Irris Nourishing Balm - 2 —

Additional therapeutic care

One of our most suitable face and neck oils for the skin during winter days is “Maat for dry skin” with 100% natural active ingredients.

Contains calendula extract, which heals and strengthens the surface layer of the skin. Increases the turgor of the skin and hence the ability to retain moisture. The high content of azulenes from yarrow and chamomile oils determines the strong anti-inflammatory properties of the composition. They soothe, heal, and remove the discomfort of irritations. Lavender essential oil improves the skin’s immunity and makes it more adaptable to climatic influences.

How to use the products

On the page of each product, we have described in detail how it works, what it contains, how it is used and in which cases it is suitable. Ecomaat products are universal – you don’t need to use different ones for day, night care or eye contour.

For ultimate skincare, you can include a face fluid for evening care, in combination according to your skin type.

With Irris balm – Fluid Zdravetz or Lilac

With Maxima balm – Fluid Rosa

With Pirina balm – Fluid Zdravetz

Choose the right fluid for your skin >

Use floral and thermal waters for even more effective hydration

Treat your skin with love and tenderness and don’t compromise on what you put on it. Our selection is entirely organic products, with high-quality active ingredients and uncompromising storage – for a life with less synthetics and pure care for health and beauty.

Apply floral or thermal water on your skin before using an oily fluid or balm for even better hydrating action.

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Learn more about Ecomaat thermal waters>

In case you have any questions about the products and how to use them – we will be happy to answer at  or on our FB page.

Author: Yordanka Kruchmarova