Essential Oils for Stress Relief with Soothing and Mood-Enhancing Effects

Stress is an integral part of our daily lives. More and more people are feeling tense, anxious, and depressed. In this article, we will introduce you to an alternative approach for addressing these mental states through the use of aromatherapy. Essential oils have a rapid and effective impact on the brain, calming the mind and balancing emotions.

Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine, whether through an aroma lamp or diffuser, is a wholesome and enjoyable home ritual you should consider trying if you haven’t already. Essential oils possess a range of beneficial properties and, when used correctly, can significantly contribute to our well-being. It’s important to recognize that using pure and natural methods to scent your living or office spaces is far superior, as synthetic fragrances can lead to irritation and allergies, which are detrimental to our health.

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The restoration of mental balance and emotional equilibrium through fragrances is not a recent discovery. Since ancient times, healers have employed calming aromas such as lavender and rose for individuals with mental disorders. We will briefly explore how you could benefit from aromatherapy for emotional balance and the treatment of depression, anxiety, headaches, and mental exhaustion.

How Essential Oils Enter the Body

Through the Nose

The most popular and easily applicable method of aromatherapy is inhalation. Oils are diffused into the air using a diffuser, preferably ultrasonic, spray, or oil droplets placed on cloth or cotton fabric.

When inhaled through the nose, the aromatic molecules of essential oils interact with the olfactory organs and quickly reach the brain. They also reach the lungs, which are connected to the circulatory system. This direct path allows the molecules to enter the bloodstream more rapidly compared to taking medicine or tinctures orally. This swift and concise route of healing aromas to the body contributes to enhancing one’s health and mood.

Research suggests that essential oils can transform brain reactions by activating the central nervous system. Different aromas stimulate different brain centers to release neurochemicals (neurotransmitters) connected to the nervous system. For instance, the scent of clary sage stimulates the thalamus to release enkephalins, natural pain-relievers that create an overall sense of comfort. Aromas like rose stimulate the pituitary gland to release endorphins, which make us feel good. The pituitary gland also releases chemical messengers into the bloodstream that regulate the thyroid and adrenal glands. Calming aromas like lavender stimulate centers in the midbrain, leading to serotonin release, which improves mood and aids in sleep.

In addition to providing pleasant sensations, aromas also offer respiratory disinfection, clear nasal passages, and ease breathing, influencing our psycho-emotional state.

Through the Skin

Similar to inhalation, the absorption of essential oils through the skin occurs rapidly and easily due to their lipophilic nature and small molecule size. To apply essential oils on the skin, they must be diluted in carrier oils. This facilitates easy absorption by the skin, allowing them to penetrate the bloodstream through capillaries. Contacting the nerves and lymph vessels in the dermal layer of the skin, they influence the nervous and lymphatic systems. Studies show that after a full-body massage with a 2% lavender essential oil solution in a carrier oil, the blood registers the presence of linalool and linalyl acetate – the main chemical components of lavender.

Internal Consumption

Essential oils are highly concentrated, and improper usage can lead to various unpleasant consequences. We do not recommend self-treatment or internal consumption without guidance and supervision from a qualified therapist. Keep in mind that the quality of essential oils is crucial. If you come across a subpar product, internal consumption becomes even more problematic.

Our food beauty supplements – products from the La Vie En Rose series – are completely safe for internal consumption and specifically created for this purpose. They are highly effective and contain the full range of active components of Rose essential oil, offering beneficial effects for youthfulness, beauty, and health.

7 Essential Oils for Managing Stress and Emotional Well-Being

We present to you our selection of 100% certified organic Bulgarian essential oils and aromatic blends that can naturally assist in managing nervous tension:

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia) – Calm and Relaxation

This oil has the most indications for alleviating nervous tension. It has a general calming and nerve-strengthening effect for nervous and psychological issues: irritability, insomnia, headaches, migraines, dizziness, melancholy, physical and mental exhaustion. Additionally, it possesses pronounced antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and bactericidal properties.

Its calming action is due to aromatic molecules such as Linalyl Acetate, Linalool, and Lavandulyl Acetate. Linalool is a plant terpene alcohol and naturally has antimicrobial effects. Linalyl Acetate is an ester formed from the reaction of acids and alcohols, providing the most pronounced balancing effect among all the chemical components of essential oils. Esters relax and soothe, also possessing antispasmodic and antimicrobial properties. Essential oils high in esters usually have a very pleasant aroma – such as lavender, clary sage, chamomile, and yarrow.

Clary Sage Essential Oil (Salvia Sclarea) – Mood Enhancement

Clary Sage essential oil relieves tension, relaxes, and warms. Similar to Lavender, it contains Linalyl Acetate, which attributes to its calming properties. It has a mildly euphoric effect, lifting the mood, though excessive use might hinder concentration. A wonderful muscle relaxant, especially for muscle spasms caused by mental or emotional stress. Applied as a cosmetic, it enhances comfort.

Zdravetz Essential Oil (Geranium Macrorrhizum) – 10% solution in Bio Jojoba – Calm and Protect

It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, anti-stress, and neuroprotective effects. It contains azulene, which has potent anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and soothing effects. Thanks to the terpene germacrone in its composition, the oil possesses powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It acts as an antioxidant and improves cellular regeneration.

Chamomile Essential Oil (Matricaria Chamomilla) – Eases Tension

Chamomile relieves nervous tension – soothing without suppressing. An excellent remedy for painful muscles and joints. Its high content of azulenes and alpha-bisabolol provides excellent anti-inflammatory qualities, hydrates the skin, and calms the nervous system.

Rose Essential Oil (Rosa Damascena) – 10% Solution in Bio Jojoba – Anti-Stress and Balance

Bulgarian Damascena Rose oil is a blend of natural compounds with a collective stimulating action, and its aroma balances the secretion of stress-induced hormones.

Rose essential oil possesses significant anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and anti-stress effects. It accelerates the breakdown of fats, stimulates microcirculation, and alleviates muscle tension. Rose oil harmonizes hormonal balance in women. It optimizes digestion, favoring the functioning of the liver and stomach and stimulating bile secretion.

Melissa Essential Oil (Melissa Officinalis) – 10% Solution in Bio Jojoba – Stabilizes the Nervous System

Melissa essential oil is one of the most valuable in aromatherapy. It stabilizes the nervous system – suitable for intense anxiety, depression, tension, emotional reactions, fear, and stress. It helps in cases of hysteria and panic by slowing heart rate, alleviating high blood pressure, and toning the cardiovascular system. It relieves insomnia and headaches.

It improves skin conditions related to inflammation and allergies.

Peppermint Essential Oil – Relieves Headaches and Tones

Peppermint essential oil has been used for centuries to soothe digestive discomfort, nervous tension, and to alleviate pain from headaches and migraines. It aids in respiratory issues, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, colds, and flu.

It has a general toning effect, alleviating fatigue and muscle pain. It stimulates the nervous system, and in high doses, may hinder sleep, making it useful when wakefulness is needed. The scent of peppermint initially cools, then warms, which effectively tones the tissues.

Getting the Most Out of Essential Oils: Practical Applications

Local Application – Blend 3-5 drops with 10 ml of carrier oil and gently massage the body.

Bathing – Add up to 6 drops of aroma blend for a relaxing and soothing bath.

Indoor Air Refreshing – Best accomplished with a diffuser or aroma lamp, but you can also apply a few drops to a cotton cloth. Zdravetz, Melissa, and Rose oils are 10% solutions in jojoba oil, making them unsuitable for diffusers, aroma lamps, and inhalation.

There are many more applications outlined in the instructions for each oil. It’s important to pay attention to usage directions and contraindications to achieve the most effective results from aromatherapy. You can also create a blend of essential oils according to your preferences. Here’s a recipe for you:

Aromatherapy Recipe: Relaxation Blend to Combat Depression

  • 3 drops Lavender
  • 3 drops Chamomile
  • 3 drops Clary Sage
  • 3 drops Melissa
  • 30 ml carrier oil

Use as a massage oil or for bathing.

Aromatic Oils for Face and Body with Relaxing and Anti-Stress Effect

You can choose from our line of 100% certified organic face and body oils – SPA MAAT PRODUCTS. They contain carefully selected, self-produced organic essential oils, dissolved in a rich base of plant oils, and have a strong therapeutic effect. They are suitable for both professional use in spas and cosmetic centers, as well as for home use as a massage tool.

Face and Body Oil “Joy”

“Joy” enhances emotional stability and comfort thanks to the essential oils of geranium and clary sage. It’s a very good prevention for women in perimenopause and menopause, relieving symptoms such as night sweats, tension, mood swings, and insomnia.

The natural scent of clary sage – musky and bitter-sweet – warms, soothes, and relaxes. It dispels negative thoughts and depression.

The aroma of Zdravetz – woody and balsamic – alleviates stress, anxiety, and tension.

Face and Body Oil “Relax”

“Relax” contains essential oils of lemon balm, petitgrain, and lavender for a relaxing effect. It reduces stress levels – an excellent choice for anti-stress spa programs. It stimulates microcirculation and has a regenerating and mattifying effect on the skin. The product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. An excellent relaxing care for people exposed to stress and strain.

When applied to the skin, the “Relax” oil:

  • Relieves stress.
  • Creates a sense of balance and relaxation.
  • Relaxes muscle tension.
  • Improves sleep.

Food supplements with rose oil with a balancing and soothing effect

The food supplements from the La Vie en Rose series, with rose oil and highly concentrated Rose extract, also have a balancing and soothing effect, in addition to improving the condition of the skin. They have a positive impact on mental well-being – the concentration of rose oil in the drops is lower, contributing to relaxation and calming, while the capsules offer a stronger therapeutic effect aimed at enhancing balance, concentration, and productivity.

La Vie en Rose Drops

The daily use of La Vie en Rose drops provides a calming effect, making us more adaptable to stress and improving sleep quality. Added to our drinking water, they transform mandatory daily hydration into an aromatic, rosy, and refreshing ritual that brings mood and harmony to life.

La Vie en Rose Capsules

These capsules contain CO2 extracts of rose and rosehip, offering powerful antioxidant, detoxifying, rejuvenating, soothing, and harmonizing effects on hormonal balance in women. They enhance overall emotional well-being, concentration, and productivity.

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What is important to know when using essential oils

Essential oils have a strong impact on the brain and blood, which is why their quality is of utmost importance! Use them carefully, following recommended doses and usage methods! Purchase organic products from proven and certified producers to ensure you are using pure and genuinely beneficial products.

Always use essential oils according to the instructions, paying special attention if you are pregnant, nursing, or have small children. If you have pets, check if the essential oil you have chosen for home aromatherapy is safe for them.

ECOMAAT’s essential oils are obtained through steam distillation from 100% organic certified plant ingredients, following the USDA NOP regulations. They comply with the BDS ISO 16128-1:2018 standard.

The market is saturated with products from various manufacturers with different prices and qualities. Choose products carefully and educate yourself about the origin of the raw materials, distillation methods, and quality certifications.

In case you have any questions about the products and how to use them – we will be happy to answer at  or on our FB page.